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Vertical Farming

What is Vertical Farming?

Vertical Farming means that you do farming vertically – or in layers.

Which makes farming possible on a much smaller area than with ordinary greenhouses, horticultures and fields.
With Vertical Farming, you use cubic meters instead of square meters, and still achieve the same amount of crop.

Take a look at our animated film about Vertical Farming at the bottom.

Vertical Farming

Suitable plants

With current knowlegde and development, not all crops are suitable for indoor farming, as Vertical Farming is.

Vertical Farming in layers is particular suitable for smaller low plants, such as:

  • Lettuce
  • Herbs
  • Babyleaves
  • Chili
  • Mushrooms
  • Flowers
  • Etc.

Beside that, Vertical Farming advantageously can be used for hanging plants, such as:

  • Tomatoes
  • Pebbers
  • Etc.
Vertical Farming, Lettuce

Pros and cons

As with everything else, there are both pros and cons in vertical farming.
However, we see far more advantages than disadvantages:

Since Vertical Farming takes place indoors, it opens up the possibilty of farming inside the cities and close to the poulation, which provides fresh and local products, without long time transport.
Read more about Indoor Farming HERE.

Minimal infection:
Instead of soil, the plants stand in nutrient-rich water. They are protected against wind, weather, cold and heat.
Since the plants don’t have any contact with either soil or dirty human hands, the risk of bacteria, pesticides etc. is decreased.

Total control:
In order to achieve the most optimal growth conditions and subsequently the best raw materials, it requires a good management of the climate.
The possibility of total control above the humidity, temperature, lightning, fertilization, irrigation etc., is great with vertical farming.
Moreover, the artificial light also makes the production independent of both season and climate. 

Energy consumption:
When total control is achieved, by measuring and analyzing all parameters, you know exactly how little or how much the plants need.
The control provides a more accurate amount of fertilizer, as well as a reduction in water consumption.

By farming in a smaller area, money can be saved on rent, like mentioned above: water consumption and transport.
On the other hand, the costs for lightning, ventilation and heat can be bigger, unless more renewable energy is considered.
It is difficult to say with 100% accuracy what is most profitable – it requires a deeper analyze and a bigger overview.


Vertical Farming can be much more effective with automation.
Take a look on the video below, to see how an automatic system can look like.
Or learn more about Automation HERE.

Watch the above video, or other of our videos on our YouTube channel: 

Complete solutions

​Danvan can help with complete solutions, where all aspects is carefully considered and investigated.
This applies to both large and small projects of varying complexity.​

We have a big assortment of fertilizer mixers, valves etc., which get you right on target with the perfect solution for YOUR needs.
See our entire range HERE.

More information

If you want more information on Vertical Farming and all your possibilities, you can contact us on either phone: +45 65 92 56 00 or email: 

Vertical Farming
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Firstly I would say thanks very much with your introduce of Micro Mixing 100 and your great technical support…
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I’m happy with your Micro Mixer 200 with 2 recipe program compared with my previous mechanical dosing system.
Luiz Khor, Vegelife Cameron Highlands
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Thanks for your introduce of Micro 200 Fertilizer mixer, with this machine it help me shorten the fertilizer mixing time.
Rampai Interlek, Gallon
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After one cycle of crops we notice this Micro Mixer bring us a good result on agricultural.

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