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Experts in climate control

We supply, set up and service products and solutions for climate and water management in horticulture.

Danish-produced quality
We produce ourselves in Denmark and have innovative employees who think outside the box for your horticulture.
Full service provider of gardeners
In conjunction with your requirements, we can be your total partner in innovative solutions for climate and water management.
Development and feedback
Can we do it a little differently, a little better? It is the basic idea of our everyday life.

Climate Control

Your plants deserves the best

The well-being of the plants

Without climate control it’s hard to know how your plants and crops thriving.
The uncertainty can lead to incorrect groth conditions and thereby lower turnover due to poorer quality – or fewer yields.

Simpel or advanced climate control

With a simpel climate control, you can easily handle:

  • Temperature
  • Heat valves
  • Curtains
  • Ventilations
  • And more.

If, on the other hand, you choose advanced climate control, you can, in addition to the above, control energy from, for example:

  • Boilers
  • Heat exchangers
  • CHP

So that the energy savings all together will be optimal compared to energy sources, energy production and CO₂.​

Complete delivery

    Danvan can deliver and install everything from small heating control systems to the worlds most advanced complete climate control systems.
    Our competent employees have extensive experience in know-how and technical advice on climate systems and can advice you from A to Z.

    We are also Fully Service Provider in Priva products.​
    For more information about Priva, please click HERE.

    More information

    Do you wish a total overview of all our products, take a look HERE.

    Please contact us, and let us guide you to the perfect solution for your company, greenhouse or another production, where a stabile climate is important.
    You can contact us by either phone: +45 65 92 56 00 or email:


    Products for climate control in horticultures, grrenhouses and nurseries

    Customer Testimonials

    “Speeds up the mixing time”
    Firstly I would say thanks very much with your introduce of Micro Mixing 100 and your great technical support…
    Steven, Grow Green Farming
    “Minimum on manual labour”
    I’m happy with your Micro Mixer 200 with 2 recipe program compared with my previous mechanical dosing system.
    Luiz Khor, Vegelife Cameron Highlands
    “Improving my plants quality”
    Thanks for your introduce of Micro 200 Fertilizer mixer, with this machine it help me shorten the fertilizer mixing time.
    Rampai Interlek, Gallon
    “Thanks to the people at Danvan”
    After one cycle of crops we notice this Micro Mixer bring us a good result on agricultural.
    YG & CHL

    65 92 56 00

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