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About Fertilizer System and mixers

What is Fertilization exactly? – And why is fertilizer systems a good investment?

Fertigation is using your irrigator to fertilise the plants and soils as you water. It does this by injecting fertiliser solution into the main water line. As you irrigate, you also fertilise. It is easy to set up and an efficient use of time and money. Best of all it gets results on all types of farms.​

What kinds of products can be applied using fertigation? Virtually all common agricultural products can be applied using the fertigation method – fertilisers and soil conditioners.​

Do I need a certain kind of irrigation system to Fertigate? We recommend automatic fertilizer mixers to optimize your numbers of plants/crops and quality fertigation. Please contact our dealers to get the right fertilizer system for you.

How common is fertigation? Fertigation is one of the fastest growing crop management practices in the world. During the past five years, the use of fertigation has increased 700% – and it´s still growing.​

Isn´t fertigation useful only for a few crops? Not at all. Our fertigation systems have been used with great success for many different crops all over the world, and approved from consultants.

I thought fertigation was only used in a few regions? Absolutely no! Fertigation is for every region in the world and with fertigation system, your production will increase year for year, and so will you quality!​

Is fertigation cost effective when compared to traditional application methods? Absolutely! Fertigation can be a very profitable alternative to aerial or ground rig application depending upon the type and amount of use. Studies have indicated that the annual cost of fertigation ranges from 34% to 60% of aerial or ground application – and decreases significantly as the number of applications increases during the year. In the chart below, you can see that the cost-per ha for fertigation is considerably less than conventional application primarily due to the basic application cost.​

Are there other cost savings with fertigation? In addition to savings in application and fertilisers costs, there are other significant savings with fertigation. You make fewer trips through the field – reducing energy consumption, equipment wear and operator hours. You also reduce soil compaction. Additionally, incorporation is often achieved free of charge. Some fertilisers and fungicides can be incorporated as part of the fertigation process by applying the correct rate of water.

Choosing the right system

It is never easy for you when you want to invest in a new fertigation unit. Our advice will be to see how it goes for other growers with the fertigation system and try to test the EC and pH values by taking a pH meter with you. That gives you a good idea of if it gives you a precise EC and pH from the fertigation system. Contact us to give you references in your market. We have units in 18 different countries today.

What is the economic payback on a fertigation system? While the payback period on a fertigation system will vary according to your application methods, the fact is that the more applications you make, the quicker your system pays for itself. With other forms of application, you simply keep spending money.

Here´s a sample of the economic impact of fertigation compared to conventional application. At a conventional application cost of $8.52 per ha, a fertigation system (estimated at $3,800) pays for itself in less than six applications, – while the investment in conventional application continues to climb.

What makes fertigation safer than conventional methods? The highest risk of fertiliser exposure to the operator or the environment occurs during tank mixing. Fertigation eliminates much of the tank mixing that is necessary for crop management. With Fertigation, fertilisers need only be handled once per field.

Does fertigation use less fertiliser product? Yes. Numerous fertigation trials have proven that fungicides rates can be reduced without reducing the effectiveness. Fertigation reduces human and wildlife toxicity as well, because the fertilisers are diluted to a much greater extent. Aerial application concentrates the chemical in 10 to 15 ltrs/ha, where fertigation is applying the same amount of chemical in up to 10,000 ltrs of water per ha. Any drift to non-target areas has less toxic potential, and the fertiliser is more safely introduced into the environment.

Are there special requirements for producers who fertigate? Since fertigation is becoming a more accepted management practice, most Councils have no major issues with the use of fertigation systems.

The major point is all irrigations units should have a backflow preventer installed behind the place where the fertiliser is being injected.

What does it give you as grower with a fertigation system? With a fertigation system, you will optimize your production every. The fertigation system from GVI will make sure that EC and pH is stable and precise and following your settings. Your settings at the fertigation system must be done with a consultant who knows about value for EC and pH. It is very essential for your production and the fertigation system is set with the right recipes and EC/pH. Our fertigation system from GVI is known for correct dosing, ease of use and precise EC and pH.

Customer Testimonials

“Speeds up the mixing time”
Firstly I would say thanks very much with your introduce of Micro Mixing 100 and your great technical support…
Steven, Grow Green Farming
“Minimum on manual labour”
I’m happy with your Micro Mixer 200 with 2 recipe program compared with my previous mechanical dosing system.
Luiz Khor, Vegelife Cameron Highlands
“Improving my plants quality”
Thanks for your introduce of Micro 200 Fertilizer mixer, with this machine it help me shorten the fertilizer mixing time.
Rampai Interlek, Gallon
“Thanks to the people at Danvan”
After one cycle of crops we notice this Micro Mixer bring us a good result on agricultural.

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